MJB Sales, Inc.
d/b/a Robert Masha Sales, Inc.

About Us

MJB Sales, Inc. is a locally owned mushroom company which grows and distributes about 250,000 pounds of fresh mushrooms per week.  Our farm and packaging facilities are loacted in the heart of mushroom country in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

We deliver high quality produce daily to retailers and wholesalers throughout the following areas:

ü      Connecticut

ü      Maryland

ü      New Jersey

ü      New York

ü      Pennsylvania

ü      Virginia

ü      Washington, D.C.

We have teamed with many local farmers of other fresh produce to
 make us your ONE STOP SHOP for ALL your produce needs!

Please call us 7 days a week!  Our sales team will be happy to speak with you!


MJB Sales, Inc. d/b/a Robert Masha Sales, Inc.
979 Penn Green Road

Avondale, PA 19311
#(610) 268-0444

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